Exotic / Invasive Species Eradication, Removal, and Maintenance

  • Accomplished through manual, mechanical, or herbicide application.
  • All herbicide applications use EPA approved materials and are supervised by commercially licensed personnel.

Land / Wetland Management

  • Quality proven techniques are used to maintain conservation, preserve, upland, and wetland areas.

Lake / Waterway / Pond Management

  • Safe effective treatments maintain clean vibrant lakes, waterways and ponds.
  • EPA approved materials applied by commercially licensed personnel.
  • Environmentally friendly Aquatic Weed Harvester.
  • Floating Plant Island installation and maintenance.

Upland / Wetland Planting Services

  • Construction, planting, and maintenance of these ecosystems are provided.

Littoral Zone Planting Services

  • Planting to specifications with a variety of aquatic species.

Spraying Services

  • Hand, truck, aerial, aquatic

Fish Stocking

  • Bass, catfish, blue gill, triploid carp (State permit required), tilapia, others.

Mowing Services

  • Large area pastures or meadow habitats.
  • 15' flexwing mower, 6' deck mower, 52" groundmaster mower

Competitive Pricing

  • Value, Performance, Quality



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