Established in March 2006, Collier Environmental Services is part of the Barron Collier Companies.  Led by the Collier family and long-time, professional staff, the Barron Collier Companies is dedicated to the responsible development, management and stewardship of its extensive land holdings and other assets in the business of agriculture, real estate, and mineral management.  With a special emphasis on working within strategic alliances that enhance capabilities and success, as well as the core values of upholding environmental responsibility and supporting local community, the company adds value to its business, and to all of Southwest Florida.

Collier Environmental Services focuses on the restoration and enhancement of environmentally sensitive lands, re-establishing and creating wetland systems, removing invasive exotics and replanting native species, as well as enhancing or establishing upland habitat for endangered species such as the caracara and the Florida Panther.  As of 2010, over 3,000 acres of land have been restored, enhanced, monitored and/or managed by our services.

Collier Environmental Services is a licensed landscaping contractor in the City of Naples and Collier, Lee and Hendry counties.  The company is Florida Department of Environmental Protection BMP Certified and commercially licenses by the Florida Department of Agriculture for Natural Areas and Aquatic herbicide application. 



2600 Golden Gate Parkway  Naples, FL 34105 | TEL 239-262-2600 | FAX 239-261-1797